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If the hat fits wear it Party Game.


This game is a great ice breaker to play right at the start of a girls party.

The idea is simple and varied. All you need to do (as the hostess) for preparation is to find images of clothes on the internet and then distribute these pictures (in identical sets – one of each of every item) to the party guests who then have to go around the room giving the person an “item of clothing” that would be suitable for that particular party quest.

In its simplest form pictures of Victorian hats ( I have used this as part of an introductions game for a Victorian Tea Party) should be printed, from the internet, and a complete set given to each guest who then goes around the room exchanging the hat pictures with each guest. The exchange should be a ‘blind exchange”, that is face down so that neither can see until the pictures of hats have been exchanged. At the end of the game each person can see if they received more of a particular hat from each of the other guests. Hence the name of the game, if the hat fits wear it.

The same can be done with shoes or pictures of ‘anything’ pets, “potential husbands”, careers etc. All that is needed is a set of identical pictures and each guest starts with a complete set prior to the ‘blind exchange’ with each guest. Use your imagination but please don’t embarrass your daughter right off the bat, there will be plenty of time for that as the party progresses!!