Water party game ideas for a kids and teens water themed party


As the better weather is coming, I thought I’d jot down some party ideas which involve water, for outdoor water themed parties. Water and kids go together well on sunny days and these ideas are also suitable for teens. For a water party make sure there of plenty of towels on hand and sun block. This way the party guests will be able to break, for snacks, and stay warm and protected from the sun’s rays.

The bucket relay race

This game involves splitting the party guests into teams of three or more. For preparation you will need a water source (small kids paddling pool or similar) then each team needs one large bucket, per team, and a small bucket for each team member. The idea is simple and that is to space the team members out, about four to six feet apart, and then have the first team member take water from the source with a small bucket and throw it to the next team member to catch in his or her small bucket. This continues until the last team member receives the water (in a small bucket) and transfers it to their team’s large bucket. The game can be timed (five minutes or so), or until the large bucket is full. The team with the most water in their large bucket wins after the set time.

The water pistol relay race

This is similar to the bucket water race but instead of throwing the water each team member fills up their water pistol (from the water source, for the first team member, or small bucket for the other team members) and squirts the water into their team mate’s small bucket.

 Water balloon toss blindfolded.

A simple variation on the classic water balloon toss party game but just blindfold the catcher and have him or her cup their hands and the thrower has to gently toss the balloon. Begin with very short distances as this is very difficult. You can also play conventional water balloon toss by having pairs throw water balloons to each other and after each successful catch they move further apart until only one pair is left with a balloon not burst.

Blindfold hose pipe tag.

If you have a hose pipe a simple game can be played by having one person hold the hose pipe and they have to squirt the other guests, who need to run past the person with the hose. The person with the hose should be blindfolded so they listen and point the hose. The guests running need to take turns running from one side to another. The hostess can blow a whistle to indicate to the person squirting when to start and stop squirting, so that all the other party guests don’t get soaked by the hose pipe person squirting all over the place all the time..

Slip and slide

If you have a hose pipe then the classic slip and slide game can be purchased as a centerpiece to a water party themed event, incorporating the above games.

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