Standup comedy party theme for kids, teens or adults


Everyone has a story to tell, or at least a joke, and that is the concept behind the standup comedy themed party. Basically let your guests know ahead of time that they will need to prepare a short comic story or joke, which they will tell to the rest of the group. For teens and adults the comic story should be based on a humorous real event that happened to them. For younger kids the joke or comic story could be one given to them, by a parent or friend, or one seen on the internet or TV.

In order to get the guest ‘warmed up’ some suitable ice breaker games should be played. One great ice breaker that would be appropriate for this type of party is a game of comic conversations that I have previously posted on. The idea of the ice breakers is to get the guests used to each other before they go under the spot light, with their own stories.

After the party guests are ‘warmed up’, simply ask each of them to tell their story or joke to the rest of the party. This is not a competition and a guest who is shy should be encouraged to speak out as the main goal of this activity is participation.

To accompany this type of comic themed party suitable videos (DVDs) can also be shown. The video selections could be from TV shows or movies, whatever is deemed appropriate for the party guests. If the guest are younger and have not seen vintage Laurel and Hardy or Charlie Chaplin type of black and white vintage movies I would highly recommend getting a couple of those short films and showing them.

Another suitable activity for this party game, especially for younger guests, is the ‘keep a straight face’ type of party game. This game is simple, just have the guests try to sit ‘straight faced’ on chairs in a circle whilst one party member tries to make someone laugh. The person trying to get a laugh could make funny faces or tell jokes but if they do get a guest to smile (or laugh) then that person takes their place. This type of game was very popular in Victorian items, even being played by teens and adults. Also a feather could be used to try and get a reaction by using that ancient giggle making technique of ‘tickling’ under the chin or behind the ears.

Anyway the next time you are looking for a suitable party theme why not just ‘go for the laughs’ and host a comedy themed party!

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