Minute to win it style party theme


The popular TV show, “Minute to win it” makes an entertaining party theme for guests of all ages. All that is required, from the hostess, is several prepared short games that can be played by teams or individuals. The teams can be of any size, but two to four is a good size. The games should all be dexterity style games that are age appropriate to the guests.

Here are some examples of party games that are suitable for this party theme.

Book balancing party game

Simply have each guest balance a book on their heads and walk a certain distance (and back) in a minute or under.

Hula-hoop or skipping type of activities

Just select an activity that will be challenging for the guests and have them perform the activity for a minute.

Ring toss

Get a traditional ring toss type of game and have the guests achieve a certain score within a minute

Ping pong balls in bottles, or small buckets

Have the guests throw ping pong balls into a vessel with the goal to get three balls in the container

Coin toss onto plates

Similar to the fair ground game, just arrange some plates and have the guests try to land coins on them, from about four feet away.

Rearrange paper cups

These ‘stacking’ type of games are very popular and the idea is to arrange a set of paper cups in a certain shape (such as a pyramid) and then re- stack them back into in a pile.

As you can tell from the examples above they type of game needs to be something physical and skill based  but not straight racing against each other (but the clock). Teams can be formed and a contest format could be followed but I would advise just playing the games for fun and have as many people participate as possible.

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