Cooking themed party game ideas


Whether or not you follow the numerous popular cooking shows, or just enjoy food, you and your guests will appreciate a home cooking style party.

Here are some party ideas based around the popular home Chef themes.

Safety first

Be very cautious with knifes and kitchen appliances, especially for younger guests. I would recommend pre slicing everything so that the guest does not have to cut anything (including themselves!). I would also monitor the ovens very carefully, possibly having the guests hand you their items to be cooked and you placing them in the oven (and removing them once cooked).

Pizza challenge

Simply get the pizza crust bases from a nearby super market and layout containers of toppings (cheese, pepperoni, mushroom, tomatoes, pineapple etc.) then have your guests work in small teams to produce the perfect pizza. Each pizza has to be’ named’ by the team creating it and everyone gets to share and judge. You need to figure out how many pizzas are needed and place them in the oven in batches, for this you might need to have teams of three or four depending on the size of the party.

Toasted sandwiches competition

Similar to the Pizza challenge but more can be fitted in the oven for grilling, so individuals can work on their own. Just lay out different bread types, that can be grilled, and provide the toppings. Each toasted sandwich should be cut into four and shared. As with the pizzas I would recommend the hostess is the only person placing and retrieving the sandwiches from the grill or oven.

The best burger competition

We are now getting down to some ‘real’ cooking (or grilling). For a burger competition you will need to provide various ground meats, vegetables, bread rolls and spices. Each guest makes their own burger with the raw ingredients and then hands it to the hostess to cook or grill. Having the hostess cook should prevent under cooking or kitchen accidents. When cooked the burgers are given back to the guest cook who then places it in a bun with suitable sides and garnish. The burgers are then cut into four and served to all.

The great clean up game

If you can get the guests to play ‘clean up’  then go for it!!

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