Make your own Headbands game for a themed party


There is a great party game for kids called “Headbandz”, which is sold on Amazon. This game is similar to 20 questions, in that a picture is placed on a headband, such that only others can see it and the wearer has to guess what is on his or her headband by asking questions that can only be answered with a Yes or No.  This game is ideal for a 5 to 8 age group party and is easily adapted for teenagers and upwards.

All you need do, to adapt this concept, is to have someone ‘crafty’ make a set of custom headbands that are either themed based or specific to the party guests. For example lets say you are having a high school party and all the guests attend the same high school. In this case just have pictures of the teachers as the object on the headband. The idea is that each player has to guess with the ‘least questions’ possible, which teacher is on his or her own headband. This usually starts with is the question “Is the person a male?” and then the field can be narrowed with, “Do they wear glasses” etc. Other headbands can be custom made for a party theme, for example Hollywood stars or celebrities. Objects can also be incorporated, for example “Harry Potters broomstick”, although these will harder to guess. This game can be used for any party theme in an entertaining way, it just requires some research and preparation.

This type of game also makes a great ‘ice breaker’, in that when the guests have all arrived give out the ‘Headbands’. Then have each of the guests ask one question to every other guest, as they walk around the room, in order to guess the object or person on their own headband. The guests simply ask each other a question, and then move on to the next guest until they have guessed their own headband.

For preparation simply look at the original game to see how it is played then research themed-based objects or people to guess and make the sets of headbands. You will need to prepare a couple of complete sets of headbands to be able to repeat the game, should it be successful.

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