Disney’s Frozen party game ideas


In case the picture is not clear, the above photo is of some ladies sitting on a giant Ice Cube, would make a great Frozen party invite.

Ok here is a post for some frozen party ideas, since this movie and party theme is just taking off.

Statues (Frozen)

Simple game to play, either play like musical chairs with people dancing when the music is on and when the music stops everyone ‘Freezes’. The ones moving or not freezing quickly enough are eliminated.

Also Statues can be played by one person (called ‘it’) having their back to the other guests, who are about 15 yards away. The idea is the other guests try to walk and touch the guest (it) standing with their back turned. If the person with their back turned suddenly turns around and see’s someone move that person is ‘out’. The game continues until all are out or someone touches the person who is it.

Frozen face

The guests sit down with a frozen face and one guest goes around the room trying to make the other guests smile, or move their face. If someone moves their face they take the turn of the person trying to make the other guests move their faces.

Who’s got an ice cube down their back?

A little more inventive, one guest goes out the room and the others stand in a line. The hostess then quickly puts ice cubes down 2 or 3 of the guests backs and the guest that is out of the room is invited back in to ‘guess’ who has the ice cube down their backs.

Who can keep an ice cube the longest in their mouths?

Just give each guest an ice cube and have them put it in their mouth, with their mouths open. The last guest who can keep the ice from completely melting wins.

Food and drink for these activities is along the lines of:-

Shaved ice

Slush puppies

Iced drinks



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