Team building games for teenagers – Perspectives


Recently I spent an enjoyable week as a chaperon at Yosemite with my 14-year-old son’s middle school science camp. During this time several team-building activities were organized with groups of 15 teenagers. The following describes one of those activities and would make an entertaining party game (outdoors) for kids of all ages.

The theme of this game is ‘perspective’ and the idea is that the party is split into small groups of 3 and each member of the small groups has a restriction, i.e. one cannot see (blindfolded), one cannot talk and the third shouts instructions in order for the blindfolded person to retrieve an object.

The basic set up goes as follows: Have one person blindfolded (person 3), and then have another (person 2) with his back to the blindfolded person (this person is the ‘voice’ and can never look around at person 3). Have the other person (person 1) stand in front of person 2 looking at person 2 and able to see past person 2 to person 3. Person 1 is the ‘eyes’ and can see everything but can never speak and only communicate by gesture to the ‘voice’, person 2. Person 1 and person 2 cannot move and they are about 6 feet apart looking at each other. Person 1 can see person 3 but person 1 can only make signs\gestures to person 2 who then has to shout instructions (left, right, forward etc.) to person 3 (blindfolded) who has to find an object that the host has placed on the ground.  Person 3 (blindfolded) moves around and just obeys instructions, from person 2 (the ‘voice’), until he\she finds the object or someone from another team finds the object first.

The game starts by the 3 team members standing in line (as described above) and the host then quietly places an object (i.e. a ball) on the ground,. Only person 1, from each team, can see the ball. All the teams play together so there is a lot of shouting as person 2 (the ‘voice’) tries to give person 3 instructions, based on the gestures he\she sees from person 1 (the ‘eyes’).

A good strategy is to have person 1 and person 2 agree signs\gestures, for example move forward 5 steps, stop, turn around etc. If the game is played a few times the teams should work out a suitable strategy.

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