The price is right style party game for teenagers


If you are a parent of teenagers, as I am, how often have you used the phrase “Do you know what that costs?” Whether it is college education, a vacation, motorcar, iPod or some other item: the cost of everything keeps rising as does the teenagers desire (and/or need) for these items.

Without too much effort a game based on the popular TV show “The price is right”, can be incorporated into a teenage party and should prove as entertaining as it is educational for the participants.

There are many formats of this kind of price guessing game, including the auction party game format I have previously described. Here is a simple version that is easy to organize and should go down well.

First of all you need to prepare, by printing photos from the Internet of everyday and unusual items, examples include, a gallon of milk, Louis Vuitton handbag, a one-night stay at a five star hotel in London, one year of educational fees at Harvard etc. One of the elements for making this party game a success is the selection of the items, cost of wedding, bringing up a child, divorce etc. to suit the audience (I was thinking slumber party with the previous examples!!). For each item selected the approximate price should be noted.

During the party you can stick the items on a wall, with a short description, and have the party guests go around the room(s) writing down their guesses to the prices. An alternative format is to hold up each item, one at a time, describe it and have the guests write down their answer and then reveal them before moving on to the next item. The first method (sticking to a wall) works well as a basic party icebreaker as you can allow the guests to help each other (similar to a team event), as some guests might know the price of a given object.

This game is easily incorporated into a themed party event, such as “The Great Gatsby roaring 20’s party theme”.  One additional element added to this game, if the theme is vintage is ‘inflation’. The price of the items will be harder to research but, for example, the cost of a simple Ford motorcar, Model T, from 1920 can be found on the Internet. You can also give the guests a benchmark, for the items selected, by giving them the average cost of something (for example the cost of an average dinner at a restaurant) in the 1920’s, so they can use that to judge the price of the other selected items during that time period.

Appropriate items can also be selected for the other popular party themes, Princess Party theme (Diamond tiara, Limousine etc.) Cars themed party (Price of popular Cars), Pirates theme (Price of various Boats).

In any event, as the hostess, if you use your imagination in selecting the items for the given guests this activity should prove a hit, and maybe you will get an answer to the question “Do you know what that costs?, the next time you ask it, that is if the teenager doesn’t have some ‘listening buds’ in his or her ears!!

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