Musical Chairs blind folded


This is an idea that might appeal to co-ed teenage parties.

Musical chairs blind folded combines two popular games for ‘double the fun’. That said there are some basic safety and game rules for this activity to be successful.

Some general safety and game rules.

I would place extra protection around the head and eyes; even though the blindfold offers some protection there is a danger of the blind folded people poking each other (or bumping heads) as they feel and move their way around the room. Bandages, Goggles, Sunglasses, Masks or a heavy scarf wrapped around the head and eyes should also be worn.

In the party invite I would recommend requesting that guests bring a heavy scarf, as you may want to try other Blind Man’s Bluff ‘multi-player’ activities such as ‘Zombie Tag’. Zombie tag is where some, Zombie, guests are blindfolded and have to tag others who then become Zombies. This game will also result in bumping heads and outstretched hands poking each other as the blind folded quests search for victims.

You will also need some of the party guests to be ‘monitors’, in that they should not be blind folded, and placed around the room to stop one of the guest walking into a wall (or other dangerous areas) and to stop excessive pushing and shoving. The larger the party the more monitors needed.

I would also strongly recommend that all the game participants remove their shoes, as treading on peoples toes or heels is a common issue with games involving many blind folded people.

Also there should be NO running or grabbing, another good rule is you cannot ‘shove’ anyone one with your arms and legs. Use of other parts of the body, shoulder-to-shoulder, backside to backside etc. is allowed.

The monitors (assistants not blind folded) need to keep the party in order and make judgment calls if two people are pushing over a chair (general rule is first to get their backside on the chair is the occupant).

Another decision is whether or not you want to allow the blind folded guests to ‘talk to each other’; this will allow ‘alliances’ to be formed and some sort of teamwork to take place. You need to decide if you want this to happen or not (also you can try the game with and without talking and see what happens).

How the game of blind folded musical chairs is played.

The game begins by setting out a room (could also be an outside area) for regular Musical Chairs. Each guest stands in front of one of the chairs (which are arranged in a circle or oval shape) and is then blind folded and the music starts and the guests move around the chairs. To begin with I would not remove any chairs so that when the music stops each player ‘should’ be able to find a chair and sit on it. When you have played a round without any chairs being removed you can begin removing the chairs and eliminating people from the game just like regular Musical Chairs.

When one person has not found a chair and is wandering around ‘searching’ alone, you can let them look (in vain) for some extra minutes for some ‘bonus fun’ for the monitors (observers). At some point in time time you should gently take the wandering blindfolded person and tell him or her they have been eliminated. At the end of each round have the guests stand and take two paces away from the chair they just sat on and the monitors can remove a chair, silently. Then start the music and begin the next round.

Other variations of musical chairs blindfolded

Another variation on this game (I prefer this version) is to have all the blindfolded people stand in a line at the side of an empty room or outside in an open area. Then place chairs randomly in the room or area, whilst the people are blindfolded (making sure there is one less chair than people). Then say GO and each blindfolded person simply has to find an empty chair and sit on it. The round ends when only one person is left searching. To start each new round, the players remove their blindfolds return to the starting place and the chairs are rearranged when the blindfolds are placed back on so the chairs are in different positions that are

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