Hold the Front Page – Party Game for teenagers


This idea comes from a popular game where you (or a team) are given a picture and you need to think of a funny caption for the picture.

The idea of the Newspaper party game is to give out pictures of well-known celebrities or other interesting pictures, which could include pictures of other party guests. The guests then have to work in small teams to arrange the pictures in a newspaper front-page format with suitable headings and a short description of a fictitious story. Each team could be given a large board or a large piece of paper and then with some glue and a sharpie they can assemble a newspaper front page.

The pictures can be ‘photo shopped’ ahead of time, by the hostess, so that images of the party quests going to prison, meeting the queen, playing in a famous rock band etc. can be printed and given to the guests.

At the end of the activity, which is done in small teams, each team presents their Newspaper to the hostess, who is playing the role of the newspaper editor. The idea is that the party guests are ‘pitching’ their stories for publication.

The pictures given out to each team could be sets of the same picture or each team could get different pictures.

For younger guests a variation of this game is to give out pictures of famous children’s stories (or nursery rhythms) and have the kid’s think of alternative headings or storylines for the pictures. Basically they just write down what they think is going on in the picture, this could be true to the story or something made up. The kids then arrange the pictures on a large board, as a craft project, to form a Newspaper front page.

Another variation is for the hostess to search the Internet for actual news items, either current or historic. The hostess should choose items that are not well known to the guests and print these out ahead of time. The guests then have to guess what is going on in the picture and come up with a suitable caption. This variation is suitable for teenagers and adults. The guests could produce a Newspaper front page, as per the regular game, or they could just present their answers verbally to the other teams at the end of each round.

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