Project runway fashion designer party game for a slumber party


This type of party game has been popular for years and is similar to other dress up themed games. The game can be incorporated into a broader theme: movie stars, princesses, pirates etc. but the basic appeal of the game is designing and making clothes out of paper.

This game makes a great activity for a planned slumber party.

The party is split into small teams (at least 2 in a team) and the teams are given some newspaper, a roll of toilet paper, optionally an old roll of colorful wallpaper, a pair of scissors and 12 pins. Other ‘accessories’ can be given out to add the ‘glam’ (especially at slumber parties), sunglasses, large hats, scarfs, ribbon, makeup etc.

The teams then have 5 to 10 minutes, or longer if the kids want, to design a dress (or jacket, suit etc.) and put it on one of their team members.

If the party is themed then the outfit could be appropriate for the theme, pirate, princess, roaring 20’s, 60’s, Victorian etc.

When all the teams have completed the task a small fashion show can take place and optionally ‘judged’ by the hostess. Each of the party guests could ask questions of the ‘designers’, for example:

“What was you inspiration? “

“To what event would this be worn?”

For teens you could try hosting a more realistic Project Runway party game that involves some ‘stitching’ and real cloth (use old cut up clothes) and give the teams 45 minutes to put something more substantial together.  In this form the game is more of a craft activity, something like the vintage ‘quilting’ parties that took place in the past and possibly today (if you want to give that a try, let me know how it goes!!).

The game could also be played to design and make a single fashion item, to be worn during the party. For example, at the start of a Victorian Tea Party, the guests could be given some basic party hats and cloth, ribbons etc., to make a Victorian hat. Each of the guests then wears the hat during the taking of tea (taking them off for the activities).

Hats are a great party item to make for any party theme; you just need the basic hat shape, buy some inexpensive bland party hats, and give the guests ribbons, scarf pieces, other decorations to stick on (stars etc.) and a stick of glue. The activity makes a great craft activity and the hat itself makes a memorable keepsake (party favor) that the guests take home.

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