Meet Mr. or Mrs. Right party game for teenagers


This game is a basic ice breaker for any teenage party and ideal for slumber parties. The idea is simple you just need to print out photos of famous people, either alive or dead, ahead of time. The sets of photos will depend on the number of guests and whether the party is girls only, boys only or mixed. Each identical set of photos consist of a picture of a person that each guest gives to each other guest in a ‘blind exchange’. For example if there are 12 guests in the party then each guest gets 11 photos (they do not give themselves one), each set allows for a every girl to get a photo of a boy and vice versa. So if there are 5 boys and 7 girls and the girl has a set, she will have a set of 5 females (to give one to each boy) and 6 males to be able to give one to each of the other females.

As the guests go around the room they take out a suitable picture (that they think will make a good husband or wife) for the guest they are greeting and then exchange them ‘face down’ so the guests do not see each other’s photos until they are both exchanged.

At the end of the game everyone shows their sets to the rest of the party to see if one guest collects a particular celebrity. The celebrities could be Lady Gaga, Prince Charles, Clark Gable, Mickey Mouse or any other character living or dead from the real world or fiction.

If the hostess is willing then several sets of photos could be prepared and they do not need to be of people. For example different motor cars could be exchanged, or houses or types of animals (cats, dogs etc.) to see if a certain guests attracts a certain type of person, animal or thing. More abstract topics could be chosen, for example colors, words (happy, thoughtful, studious etc.) so it is really up to the imagination of the party organizer in terms of the photos chosen and exchanged.

The game is also ideal for a themed party, in that the subject matter chosen could match a given theme, princesses, witches, movies etc.

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