Chinese whispers dress up party game.


One of the most popular types of party for girls is the slumber party. It is always difficult to suggest interesting party games for sleepovers or slumber parties as the guests are usually close friends and have particular likes and dislikes.

Here is a variation on the popular Chinese whispers type of game, but incorporates an element of dress up.

Chinese whispers dress up.

To begin with a large box containing old clothes is prepared. The box should have hats, shoes, shirts, skirts, dresses, shorts, necklaces and other jewelry. The more varied and unusual the dress items the better.

First have one quest dress themselves in some of the clothes from the box.

At this point of the game the other guests are not in the room, or closing their eyes.

The next guest then takes a photo (iPhone or similar can be used) of the first guest and then goes out of the room (or closes her eyes again). The first guest then puts the clothes back in the box and the second guest tries to put the identical clothes on, from memory.

The next guest then repeats this action, by having a quick look at the dressed guest, taking a photo and then trying to dress up in the same way. When the game is finished the final dressed guest can be compared with the original photo to see how close she is in wearing the correct clothes. All the photos can be compared to see where things went wrong if the clothes don’t match the original photo.

There are other party games that can be played with an old box of clothes, but the above variation is one that I would recommend giving a try at you next slumber party. This can be played with girls and boys (using clothes for either girls or boys or a mixture).

If there are a large number of guests, you can have a number of boxes of clothes and split the party into small teams that have their own box. The teams all play together but only use their own box. You only need one camera as the guests can take a peek together and one person can photo all the dressed guests for a given round. In this way the game could be played with a large party of over 20 guests.

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