Picture matching party game for kids, teens and adults


The idea of this game is simple and that is to have the guests match images that belong together. In its simplest form (for younger guests) images of popular fairy stories can be shown. The images are stuck to a wall and numbered, the guests then write down their answers, which numbers go together, as they go around the room. The connection between the images can be harder, for example images from popular movies (Anthony Perkins and a Shower head – Psycho) or novels. Also famous couples could be included, for example Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Also people and connecting objects could also be matched, example Neil Armstrong and the moon.


The game becomes progressively harder the more images there are and the looser the connections between the images. All of images have to connect to at least one other image but they could also be grouped in sets of 3 or 4.


This game is ideal for a themed party as images appropriate for the theme could be used.


Another variation of this game can be played and it is similar to the “What have these images got in common?” type of party game. The idea of this game is to show images that have a connection, as a group, and the guests have to guess the connection. An example group might be for “States that border California” (the images being of the states – Arizona, Nevada and Oregon). Another example image grouping could be for – The men Elizabeth Taylor married.


Either of these game variations makes a great ‘ice breaker’ (for any age) as guests can help each other with the answers as they go around the room(s), exchanging ideas.


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