The thinking princess’s Party Favor


Often party favors are given out as a grab bag of stickers, pencils, candy and other small toys or objects. When I hosted a recent Victorian Tea Party for my daughter and several of her friends, I gave out favors (keepsakes) during the activities so that they could be used in the activity then taken home by the guests.

For example one of the party activities for a Victorian themed party is a game of ‘Introductions’, which involves each guest going around the room exchanging small ‘calling cards’ as they introduce themselves to each other. For this activity I purchased a several original Victorian calling cards from EBay, then printed them off on card. As the guests arrived I had each guest take a pile of cards and write their names on them, to be given out during the introductions activity. At the end of the introductions activity each guest had a set of calling cards, one for each of the guests in the party. This set of calling cards was placed aside and then given back to the guests as a keepsake, in the form of a party favor.

Another favor, at the same Victorian party, consisted of a dance card (which was printed from copies of original Victorian dance card images from the internet). Each guest received their own personal dance card and following an activity of ‘Fill your dance card” each guest ended up with a dance card with initials of the other guests on it (no dancing was involved in this activity, just filling dance cards).

Other examples of items that can be used in parties and then given out as a keepsake (party favor) include: -

Fountain pens


Small flashlights (for darkened room games)

Yo Yo’s or other small dexterity games, that can be incorporated into party games

Hand puppets (can be used to throw your own puppet theatre)

Craft items that have been made during the party

The above list is but a sample of suitable items, but the key to giving out these types of favors is to think of small attractive objects that can be incorporated into the party theme or games and give these out during the activities. I would also recommend giving out a small bag to hold the items first, then instructing your guests to carefully’ place the items in the bags and set the bag aside until they take them home.

When I was a child attending kid’s birthday parties (some 40 odd years ago) in the UK we did not have the concept of party favors but a child could ‘win’ a small prize in games such as pass the parcel (and the host usually arranged that every guest ‘won’ a prize) and each guest proudly took home these trophies to show their parents and siblings.

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