Waddington’s Careers board game for parties



Recently I played a game called Life which is a race baord game where the players go around a board collecting money, by earning a salary or receiving money for other services depending on their choosen occupations.

This reminded me of a similar game I used to play as a child (some 40 years ago) in the UK.

The UK version (of Life) was called Careers and I recall that at the start of the game the players (secretly) completed an ‘ambition’ , which was made up of a combination of wealth, fame or happiness objectives. The career paths each gave the players an opportunity to earn their points towards their secret ambition.

The player achieving their ambition, by gaining their appropriate points in the three categories (wealth, fame or happiness) would turn over their previously recorded ambition and declare themselves as the winner.

The aspect of this game, Careers, that I enjoyed was that each person would follow a different ‘career path’ depending on their secretly written objectives. That is the goal of the game was not preset for all, as is the case with many games such as the Life classic that I now play with my children.

Another aspect of this kind of game, that is enjoyable to younger players is an  kind of ‘role playing’ concept under which the player could choose, for example,  an astronauts career path (if fame was the main objectives on his or her secret ambition card).

The dice is used in this game, so lady luck plays a big part, but that said the setting of objectives and career choices to match those objectives make this a fascinating and enjoyable game for around 4 people of ages 8 and over.

I would strongly recommend anyone that has played (and enjoyed) the board game Life to get hold of an old copy of this Waddington’s classic, which is still available on ebay.co.uk.

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