Customized Apples to Apples party game


The game Apples to Apples is one of the most popular card games to have been designed in recent years. It was named “Party game of the year” by Games magazine in 1999. The game rules are described elsewhere on the internet so I will not repeat them here.

It is as simple as it is entertaining to ‘customize’ a game a “Apples to Apples” to suit a given party. All that is required is to make a special deck of your own ‘Red cards”, which are the nouns.  You do not replace the game Red cards but in addition to the standard Red cards each player is given 2 (or more) special Red cards. These special cards could have well known people (teachers, politicians, film stars) to the group or places such as the High School cafeteria. In this way a Green card adjective of say “”scary” could be matched with one of the special cards.

It is up to the host to decide the number of special cards to be made and how many each player should get. Also there could be a rule that each player can only play a limited number of special cards during the game, in order to stop them being over played.

There is no strict way to incorporate special custom Red cards into your game of party Apples to Apples but you can experiment and your guests will appreciate it.

One variation of this game is to have each of your guests create 2 or 3 custom Red cards at the start of the game then mix them together and give them out. In the original game of Apples to Apples there is the concept of the wild or blank card.  These customized cards as similar to blank cards only they are prepared to suit the party. Certainly each of the party guests could be named as a Red apple card but please be respectful as the game should always be played in good humor without embarrassing anyone.

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