Host a Disney Frozen or other Sing A Long party


The Sing A Long was popular many years ago in cinemas, (especially war time 1940’s) with a bouncing ball spelling out the words of many uplifting songs and audiences bellowing out the tune with more joy than talent.

Sing A Long DVDs and videos can be purchased today but these titles are mainly targeted at younger audiences.

Recently the popular Frozen movie was released as a Sing A Long. Audiences of all ages (but mostly teenagers) are now flocking to local theaters to participate with their friends.  The popular hit “Let it Go” is well known to these cinema-goers and they can’t wait to “Let it Go” themselves!!

In order to host your own Sing A Long party, for guests of any age, you can buy a regular DVD then print out the words of the songs and pass them out. All of the lyrics of popular songs can be found on the Internet and most of the popular movie musicals are available on DVD.

Having a Sing A Long party (possibly with dinner or snacks) needs a little preparation but your guests will appreciate it. If you want to go the extra mile, line up 5 or 6 DVDs and mark out where the popular songs are so you can ‘fast forward’ to them during the party. Have song sheets ready and start the proceedings, I am certain your guests, whatever age, will want to redo their favorites. Also YouTube is a great source for these vintage song clips, although the DVD versions of the movies are clearer.

Whether your guests are bellowing out “Let it Go” from Frozen or “Somewhere over the Rainbow” their spirits will be lifted, just like they were during those hard (war) times in the 1940’s when this form of entertainment was extremely popular.

You could even mix this type of event with a Karaoke, that is hosting a classic musical themed party with Sing A Long and Karaoke. You are likely, however, to find that guests that are a little shy with regular Karaoke will Sing A Long when all the party is joining in.

Dress up and princess themes also go well with this activity (as do other movie themes), there are many Disney classic DVDs with Sing A Long versions. Stopping for snacks or more formal fare is also easily accommodated, just hit the pause button (this also gives the guests and your neighbors a welcome break!!).

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