Mock trial Judge and Jury party game ideas for kids


The idea of mock trials has been a popular educational activity for many years, with teachers and students playing the roles of prosecution, defendants and the rest of the class acting as the jury.

Here are some party ideas that would make an entertaining activity for a kid’s party, based on the mock trial concept.

First of all you (the hostess) need to create a basic scenario with one or more defendants and an accusation of a crime. The party invitation should include headlines for this mock trial, the more bizarre the better.  Examples of mock trails with headlines, suitable for a kid’s party, include: -

Goldilocks accused of daylight robbery (stealing porridge)

Jill accused of pushing Jack down a hill

Sleeping beauty accused of laziness

As you can tell from the headlines the idea is to accuse any fictional character of something that is loosely related to a well-known story.

As the hostess you can prepare a number of these mock trails but they all follow the same pattern. By having 3 or 4 mock trails prepared you can move from one to the other should there be a lack of interest or participation in a given mock trial.

You need to have an accused, note you could have a number of party guests acting as a team, for example 4 kids could ‘represent ‘Goldilocks and speak on her behalf.

Next you need ‘witnesses’ that read prepared questions or accusations that the accused has to answer. Examples of such questions/accusations are: -

To Goldilocks

Is it true that you entered the 3 bear’s house uninvited with the idea of stealing food?

To Sleeping Beauty

Have you ever fallen a sleep when doing chores around the house?

As you can see the questions, to the defendants, are loosely connected to a story and the amusement of the game will be determined by how innovative the questions are and how the accused responds. If the party guests have their own questions, then these should be encouraged but prepared questions will keep things moving.

Party guests can read out the witness’s questions or the hostess can read them out.

If all the party guests do not know the stories selected the stories can be briefly told at the start of the party.

This game activity also lends itself to a themed party, i.e. princess or fairy tale themed parties, in that the characters and crimes chosen can all relate to a given theme.

In the end the ‘on lookers’ can declare the accused guilty or innocent of the ‘crime’ but the real object of the game is for all participants to have a fun time.

The hostess should play the role of the judge (to keep order) and there is no prosecution as such just the party quests reading questions and accusations that the defendants respond to.  The party guests who are not defendants then make up the jury and can vote on guilt or innocence.

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