Misfits card game for a party



The classic card game of misfits or ‘mix and match’ is an ideal party game, especially for a themed party such as the princess or nursery rhyme party. Here are some ways you can use this game to entertain a very large number of guests.

There are two basic versions of the misfits card game, one is to find the correct match and the other is to find many humorous alternatives by mixing and matching the picture parts. The game illustrated is a classical misfit game, from around 1900, that allows the player to match popular stories and songs. When played individually the game is similar to assembling many small jigsaw puzzles.

There are two basic variations of this game that make good party games. The first is to give each party guest a mixed set of cards. For example if the ‘misfit’ game has three cards in each set (as with the illustration) then each guest gets exactly 3 different cards to begin with. The idea of this version of the game is that the guests have to collect whatever “head” they have been given by going around the party and exchanging their other ‘body parts’. In this way every guest starts with one head one body and one legs (all different) and tries to exchange and match with the other party guests. In this version the guests look at each other’s cards and try to help each other find the correct matches. This is a great first game ‘ice breaker’ as most of the guests will go around the whole room before they get a complete set. Another, extended, version of this game is to start with two sets and try to match.

The other variation is to ask each guest to make a set by swapping a head, body or legs with the other players. In this way cards are swapped without being seen (although only the same body part can be swapped) by going around the room asking to swap a head or body or leg. At the end of a few rounds (or after a certain time period) the game stops and the misfits are assembled and displayed. This variation will reveal some strange combinations and may just reveal that someone has completed the correct misfit.

The hostess can make their own themed misfits ahead of time, and these can be sets of 2, 3 or more. Strange combinations of different animal heads and bodies can be tried to amuse your party as well as having your would be princesses trying to construct  ’the ideal husband/prince’ or other mythical creatures!

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