Guess the object party game


On the internet you can find many pictures of antique and interesting objects that will make a great party guessing game.

The Victorian objects in the above picture are (from left to right):-

Cork shaper (hard to guess), this would be used in the 19th Century to reduce the size of a cork to fit into a wine bottle.

Corkscrew opener (easier to guess) from the 19th Century

Can\Tin opener (using a cutting motion) from the 19th Century

Sugar Cutters from the 19th Century. In those days sugar was sold in solid blocks (not granulated) and needed to be cut into small pieces, hence the expression ‘one lump or two’ when putting sugar into tea.

For a party you host, simply select and print suitable pictures of unusual objects from the internet. You can then stick the printed images on a wall and have the guests wander around making notes as to what they think the particular object is. Afterwards you can ask each quest to reveal their answers to each object.

For younger guests you might want to just hold the images up and have the guests make guesses as a group.

A game of 20 questions could also be incorporated with this activity. In this way you show a picture of an unusual object and the guests have 20 questions (which can only be answered with a Yes or No) to guess the object.

The pictures could also be of objects highly magnified (these type of images are also available on the internet). When photographed at close up some objects (example a toothbrush) are difficult to identify. The 20 questions game could also be used for the magnified objects and a combination of magnified and unusual objects could also be used in this activity.

If you are able to lay your hands on unusual (for the given audience) objects you could use real objects. I remember my own children (growing up in California) did not see a Christmas cracker until they were around 8 years old, when my mother (from the UK) sent some over for Christmas, we had a little guessing what it is?

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