Funny (Comical) conversations party game


This game, funny conversations, was a poplar Victorian parlor game and can be played and enjoyed today.

The idea of the game is very simple and that is generic questions are asked at random and generic answers are given as the reply to the question. The questions and answers are written on cards so that the questions may be:-

Do you believe all that men tell you?

Have you cut your wisdom teeth yet?

Do you believe in kissing on the ice?

As you can tell the above answers could be simply answered yes or no. The answer, also drawn at random, could be something like:-

You must excuse me from answering you now, although I am aware that “procrastination is the thief of time”.

I frankly answer “yes”

I cannot tell you although it is hard to feel one’s self a fool.

As you can tell from these type of questions and answers the idea of the name is that the various combinations of the questions and answers will prove amusing for your party guests.

These type of conversation cards can be made and used in many party games, as I have used them in a game of formal introductions that I devised for my Victorian Tea Party experience.

If you get the chance to purchase an old copy of this type of game and they can still be found on EBay (an earlier version of this game that dates to the 1900′s is called Komical Konversations) then the questions themselves tell us a lot about those times.

One question I have seen, that pre-dates the right of women to vote, is:-

Do you believe in Woman’s suffrage?

I often wonder if this type of question is put in for strictly amusement or maybe to stimulate a real conversation.

Whether or not you purchase an old copy of this type of game, or create one for yourself, the funny or comical conversations game will prove to be an amusing party activity for a large or small number of guests.

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