Beetle drive as a party game


The above Beetle Drive game is similar to a version (1950′s) I played as a child in England. This version, which allows the players to build an actual beetle model is extremely satisfying for a young child. Part of the fun of this version of the game is in the construction effort required for the little hands.

Beetle drive can also be played by large groups of people at a party. When played at a party, or as an alternative to the model, the game is played with a pencil and paper as the beetle is drawn (instead of being constructed).

The game, whether a model or paper version, is simple. Each player needs to throw a certain number (dice) to be able to draw (or construct)  a given part of the beetle.

You can associate any number to a body part, of the beetle, but here is one common suggestion.

6 is for the body, of which there is one.

5 is for the head, of which there is one.

4 is for the tail, of which there is one.

3 is for leg, of which there are six.

2 is for antenna, of which there are two.

1 is for an eye, of which there are two.

In this way a six is needed to start your beetle (drawing or construction). After the six (body) than any other part (except for the antenna or eye) can be attached to the body.  When the 5 is thrown then if the player has a beetle body (i.e. has previously thrown a six) the  head can be attached and they are then able to use a 2 or 1 for the head parts (antenna and eye).

Every player takes turns in throwing the dice until a complete beetle is drawn. For large parties the party can be split into groups of 4, as the dice can then be shared between 4 in the group. As you might guess throwing all those 3′s for the legs takes time, and if you get off to a quick start (with the six) then your chances also improve.

This game should be played at kids parties, for ages around 4 to 6. The beetles can be drawn anyway the kids like and some samples can be shown for guidance, the completed drawings (when shown to others) will also provide amusement for the party.

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