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Make your own celebrity mask party game


Here is a simple and inexpensive party idea that combines a masked party with some games of identity. To begin with the host needs to make masks of famous people, animals or objects. These masks are simply made by printing a picture of the person (object or animal) from the internet, ideally on a piece of thin card. Two eyes and a mouth are cut and the mask can be attached to your party guests with a simple ribbon being loosely tied around their head.

The first activity is “Who am I? and it is played by each guest not knowing which mask they have on. To place the mask on the guest’s heads, simply have all the masks face down on a table and then tie them on without letting the guests seeing their own mask.

The idea of this simple game is for the quest to go around the room and ask 2 questions (and answer 2 questions) from each other guest. The questions should be ones that can only be answered with Yes or No and the object of the game is to figure out which mask you are wearing. Questions such as “Am I  a person?” “Or Am I male? “will narrow down the possible answers. Eventually each guest should be able to figure out which mask they are wearing.

The masks should be made to suit the party guests and could include cartoon characters as well as characters from fairy tales.

Another interesting variation on this game is to “pair up”. This game is well suited to younger guests (8 and under). This game is similar to the first in that each guest does not know what mask they have on but they do know that in the room they have a “twin”. In this version there is no talking and the guests need to keep their eyes closed until everyone is ready and then the host begins the game. None of the guests are allowed to talk to each other and they need to find their twin as quickly as possible. This involves each guest looking around the room for an unmatched mask and that will be their match, as the pairs match up the game gets easier. It is also better played with a large party, (20 or more). 

To make the above ‘pairs’ game more suitable for an older audience have the pairs not identical but matching a theme, for example the King and Queen of England. The problem for the guests will be to figure out who is ‘paired off’ and who is isolated. This game can be made quite difficult for example an astronaut and the moon would be a pair, as would Cinderella and a glass slipper.

Customized Apples to Apples party game


The game Apples to Apples is one of the most popular card games to have been designed in recent years. It was named “Party game of the year” by Games magazine in 1999. The game rules are described elsewhere on the internet so I will not repeat them here.

It is as simple as it is entertaining to ‘customize’ a game a “Apples to Apples” to suit a given party. All that is required is to make a special deck of your own ‘Red cards”, which are the nouns.  You do not replace the game Red cards but in addition to the standard Red cards each player is given 2 (or more) special Red cards. These special cards could have well known people (teachers, politicians, film stars) to the group or places such as the High School cafeteria. In this way a Green card adjective of say “”scary” could be matched with one of the special cards.

It is up to the host to decide the number of special cards to be made and how many each player should get. Also there could be a rule that each player can only play a limited number of special cards during the game, in order to stop them being over played.

There is no strict way to incorporate special custom Red cards into your game of party Apples to Apples but you can experiment and your guests will appreciate it.

One variation of this game is to have each of your guests create 2 or 3 custom Red cards at the start of the game then mix them together and give them out. In the original game of Apples to Apples there is the concept of the wild or blank card.  These customized cards as similar to blank cards only they are prepared to suit the party. Certainly each of the party guests could be named as a Red apple card but please be respectful as the game should always be played in good humor without embarrassing anyone.

If the hat fits wear it Party Game.


This game is a great ice breaker to play right at the start of a girls party.

The idea is simple and varied. All you need to do (as the hostess) for preparation is to find images of clothes on the internet and then distribute these pictures (in identical sets – one of each of every item) to the party guests who then have to go around the room giving the person an “item of clothing” that would be suitable for that particular party quest.

In its simplest form pictures of Victorian hats ( I have used this as part of an introductions game for a Victorian Tea Party) should be printed, from the internet, and a complete set given to each guest who then goes around the room exchanging the hat pictures with each guest. The exchange should be a ‘blind exchange”, that is face down so that neither can see until the pictures of hats have been exchanged. At the end of the game each person can see if they received more of a particular hat from each of the other guests. Hence the name of the game, if the hat fits wear it.

The same can be done with shoes or pictures of ‘anything’ pets, “potential husbands”, careers etc. All that is needed is a set of identical pictures and each guest starts with a complete set prior to the ‘blind exchange’ with each guest. Use your imagination but please don’t embarrass your daughter right off the bat, there will be plenty of time for that as the party progresses!!