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The Frog Prince Games – Part 2


These game ideas continue the activities suitable for The Frog Prince themed princess party games outline in part 1 of game ideas for this story.

Having lost the ball in the pond, the princesses agree to have the frog visit and eat with them, in exchange for the frog retrieving their valued possession (the golden ball) from the pond.

The frog arrives at the princesses’ home, and games of hide and seek recreate the scene in which the princess tries to avoid the attention of the frog.

1 Hide and seek the princess

This game is a variation of ‘hunt the thimble’, in which a small object (used to be a thimble years ago) is hidden by half the guests and the other half of the guests have to find it. The hunting guests have to leave the room first while the hiding guest hide the object. When the hunting guests return they look around the room for the object. If needed the hunting guests can be given clues in the form of hot and cold, which means that a person is ‘hot’ if they are near the object or ‘cold’ if they are further away.

The object to hide could be a small princess doll or something related to the princess (small crown etc.) as the idea of the game is to recreate the princess avoiding the frog.

At some point the frog finds the princess and the story continues.

2 Dinner with the frog.

Not really a game but if at some point a tea party or snacks are provided, as a break from the activities, then a place (seat) for the frog should be set up. If a large toy frog can be obtained then it can occupy a place at the table.

Alternatively each princess can draw a picture of their own frog and place it beside themselves at the table, make sure that each princess is attentive to their frog during the meal as this was part of the agreement the princess made to the frog for retrieving her golden ball.

As with all these fairy story themed parties, drawing and craft activities are well suited and should be timed to give a break from the more active games. These craft activities are also a great way to begin the party as the guests arrive and the object created can be incorporated into the themed games. For example, in this story, the party guests could make cardboard fish when they first arrive and these can be used in the fishing game, noted in part 1 game ideas for the frog prince themed party.

3 Kiss the frog

In the frog prince story the frog turns into the prince having spent time in the company of the princess. The game of kiss the frog, which is a variation of pin the tail on the donkey, can be played to recreate the moment when the frog turns to the prince.

This game can be purchased or made. As it is relatively inexpensive I would recommend purchasing the game, but make sure it is ordered in time for delivery on the party day.


There are many party games and activities that can be related to the classic frog prince story as this fairy tale is acted out. The above games and those in Part 1 of the game suggestions should form a good basis for a party event based on this theme.


The Frog Prince Games – Part 1

The idea of a frog turning into a Prince (or King) is one of the classic fairy tales and first appeared in Grimm’s fairy tales in the early 1800′s. This classic tale is sometimes referred to as The Frog King or Iron Henry but whatever the name this story makes an ideal theme for a princess party.

As with the other princess story themed parties the story can be told either at the beginning of the party or told in sections as the accompanying games are being played out.

The only difference between the story and the games that can be incorporated into the frog prince themed party is that the princesses (party guests) all play and eat together and each will take turns of playing the role of the main princess or frog as needed.

Game 1 Balloon (Ball) tossing game.

This game recreates the scene in the story where the princess loses her golden ball in the pond. The game is simple and the guests should form a circle and in the middle of the circle is a blanket or another marked out area, which represents the ‘pond’. The party guests then hit a balloon to each other being careful not to let the balloon touch the area in the circle (pond). The game can be played with variations, for example the guests hold hands in pairs or stand on one leg. There could also be a limit of three strikes (or three times the balloon touches the ‘pond’ area) before the balloon (ball) is ‘lost’.

The balloon itself should ideally be golden (or silver) as it represents the princess’s prized ball. If you buy a special balloon for this then you will need 3 or 4 since your princesses will surly burst a few.

After some time the hostess can declare to the party guests that the ball (balloon) has been lost down the pond.

Game 2 – Fishing game.

After the ball has been lost the princesses can try to retrieve it using a variation of a popular fishing magnet game. This type of game has been popular for over a hundred years and is a great fit for the Frog Prince party theme.

The hostess will need to provide a very large cardboard box, the bigger the better. In addition one fishing pole (which consists of a cane, string and U shaped magnet) should be constructed. I would recommend only using one ‘fishing’ pole for the whole party so the hostess can control the stick waving which will happen if the multiple poles are distributed to the princesses.

In the ‘pond’ (large cardboard box) there should be images of various objects such as old boots, actual fish and any other items you can think of. These objects should be made of thin card (possibly printed from images on the internet or handmade and colored) and should have paper clips attached so that they are attracted to the magnetic fishing pole. You should experiment with the weights of the objects and the placement and size of paper clips so that an object can be easily retrieved.

The hostess should be the only person that can ‘see’ into the ‘pond’ and should assist in guiding the princesses to fish out the objects. The guests form a line and each have a couple of attempts trying to retrieve the golden ball. The golden ball image can be placed into the ‘pond’ so that all see it going in but it should not have any ‘paper clips’ or metal attached so that it remains in the pond!!

After the princesses have unsuccessfully tried to retrieve the golden ball from the pond, the story moves on to the Frog’s assistance in retrieving the ball in exchange for a friendly visit. There are suitable games and activities for the rest of the story, which are covered in part 2 of this princess party theme.